Album Review: Positions-Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has dropped her sixth album, Positions. To be honest, I’ve procrastinated listening to this album because Ariana Grande’s last two albums were soooo good. Sweetener and Thank You Next were, in my opinion, her best pieces of work so far in her career and really cemented herself as one of the most defining pop artists of this generation. But, I think it’s time to listen to her new work. Let’s get started.

Song Reactions

  1. Shutup

Love the energy of this song. I automatically thought of STFU by Rina Sawayama and how her song sounds so angry but when she says “shut the fuck up” the music turns soft and melodic. Ariana Grande sings “shut up” over beautiful strings and soft background vocal melodies. So calming. Yes ma’am I will shutup😌.

  1. 34+35

One second in. RUN THAT SHIT BACK. I love the little chuckle she does because she knows she’s about to talk her shit in this song. I usually don’t like math but I will gladly complete this math problem. There’s so many good lines in this song. My personal faves:

“Got the neighbors yelling “Earthquake! 4.5  when I make the bed shake.”

“Baby you might need a seatbelt when I ride it. Imma leave it open like a door come inside it.”

And the ending. I bust out laughing.

  1. Motive ft. Doja Cat

Miss Dojaaaa! Doja Cat always kills her features so I was excited to see her on this album. She also is not a stranger to house influenced pop songs like this one. Doja has one herself called Game. Not gonna lie, the chorus is a little boring to me. However, I can imagine myself getting ready to this song pretending like I’m walking down a runway or something. Doja really did a good job at fitting the vibe of the song and adding some fun and interesting dimensions to its otherwise streamline chorus.

  1. Just Like Magic

We love R and B Ariana Grande. She really floated on this beat and I really vibe with any song talking about manifestation and positive vibes.

  1. Off the Table ft. The Weeknd

Sexy Hunger Games beat for the intro okayyy. Ariana’s voice is very well suited for slow R and B. The Weeknd came in so smooth. I love Ariana’s vocals coming in and out in the background while he sings. I’m visualizing white silk. I’m seeing angels. This song is heaven.

  1. Six Thirty

Down like six thirty! Genius! This song makes me feel like I’m riding down the road watching the sunset and feeling the wind on my face. Very chill.

  1. Safety Net ft. Ty Dolla Sign

My least favorite so far, just because I was kind of bored. We have The Feature King, Ty Dolla Sign, on this song. I think he did a great job matching the vibe of this song, and their voices together were nice.

  1. My Hair

Immediately love the production on this song. Love the melody. Love the funk vibes and the trumpet. Using her whistle tones as a sort of instrumental break, she really ends the song really strongly and nicely.

  1. Nasty

ARIANAAA?!?!? She really plays with trap inspired beats and kind of rap-singing over the beat, adding all these extra vocal harmonies that go in and out. I love it.

  1. West Side

90s inspired R and B beats will always go off. Nice, chill song.

  1. Love Language

Very interesting song. The beat definitely grabbed my attention. I feel like the album has been a little slow, so this was a nice change of pace. The beat kind of has a New Jack Swing vibe in the beginning, and the strings add a little motown/disco element. The piano was a really nice touch on the bridge. This song feels like it has a lot of “natural” sounding instruments instead of focusing on really heavy electronic sounds. One of my favorites on the album. OOO and the extra lil outro at the end surprised me. 

  1. Positions

This was the lead single for the album, and it really did set the tone for what this entire new era was going to be. The lyrics are simple yet empowering. At first I wasn’t too impressed by this song. However this completely changed after watching the video. I love the 60s style and power suits that Grande wears and I also like how she connected the video directly to the lyrics of the song, showing a woman who is multifaceted and sure of herself. I really do think that music videos can really help enhance the message of a song. 

  1. Obvious

Love when the beat comes in at 0:13 with the piano/harp sounding chords. A song to do a nice lil shoulder bop to.

  1. POV

I’ve heard the lil snippet of this song on tik tok so many times so I’m excited to finally hear the whole thing. Instantly, her voice sounds amazing, she’s FLOATING LIKE A FUCKING BUTTERFLY OVER THE MUSIC. By the end of the song, I have no words. If there is one song I’d tell people to listen to off of this album it’s this one.

Overall Review

Overall this album has a lot of R and B influences, and the use of strings is very prevalent throughout the album. I really think some of Ariana Grande’s best songs are more R and B rather than pop, such as Honeymoon Avenue, so it’s nice to get more of this genre from her. Her voice also sounds really angelic with strings, her voice kind of sounds rich and smooth like an orchestra when they all play together. My favorites are POV, Off the Table, Love Language, and Nasty. A lot of people have been comparing this album to her Sweetener and Thank You Next albums. However, I think that while we can take into account an artist’s progression and reminisce on past albums, this is a new era for Grande, and I believe she’s done a great job at showcasing her thoughts and desires, in a sensual, mature, and dynamic way with this album.