SpongeBob’s Impact on the Music Industry

We all know that Spongebob has had some of the greatest music from a tv show. Here are some songs in real life that have Spongebob samples:

I’m Ready- AJR

Agua- J Balvin

Shit Talk- Ski Mask the Slummp God


Trying to Be Creative Without Feeling Bad

It feels pointless, almost, to sit here and write about  Spongebob’s Impact on the Music Industry when there are so many more pressing topics happening in the world. It’s hard to focus while constantly consuming and trying to keep up with the news every day. And it doesn’t help that the news is always something bad.

Doing something creative, whether it’s writing, doodling, or dancing, has always been a reliable source of procrastination for me. When I don’t want to do my work, I usually open up one of the many coloring books I have (yes I color as an adult because it’s fun as hell and you get to skip the hard drawing part and go right to picking the pretty colors) and color until I only have an hour to get my work done. Thus, giving myself time to relax and check out from society but also giving myself just enough time to complete my work at the fastest speed possible. Needless to say, this is not the healthiest nor most effective way to live life.

Recently, I’ve started to look at my creative endeavors a little more intently. Firstly, I had to change my view about my hobbies and what they meant to me. They are not sources of procrastination. They are sources of happiness. Just because I’m not turning in an assignment or learning how to do something new does not mean that these activities are useless or a waste of time. 

As a creative, sometimes I look at my work that I want to finish and I think, “Well I have more important stuff to do.” No I don’t. What’s more important than doing something that actually brings you joy? Especially in these times. Every drop of joy is necessary. 

When I stopped looking at drawing, writing, or playing music as a “distraction” or a “backburner task” I stopped using them as escapism vices. This changed my overall attitude towards them and made my art even better. For example, I didn’t look at my coloring books and feel slightly anxious like I did before because I was coloring to avoid writing a paper that is due. Now, I’m coloring just because. I wasn’t just creating to avoid doing something else, I was creating because I deserve to. 

There is nothing wrong with creating something during a time when it seems impossible to do.

I procrastinate less now. I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders when I think about my work AND my colored pencils.

Have you had to change the way you think about your hobbies before?


Halloween Music is Superior And Here’s Why

Thriller by Michael Jackson. End of blog post.

Do you agree with me? Which holiday has the best music in your opinion? And why do you agree that it’s Halloween?


Danny Gonzalez’s Spooky Obsession

Danny Gonzalez has done it again. On October 9th, 2020, he dropped the long awaited song, “Spooky Man.” This song is the finale of his Spooky Boy saga but only the beginning of his legacy as The Spooky King.

To think that the saga has come to an end is truly a chilling thought. Over the past 4 years, Danny has been giving us (candy) bars, (skele)tons of halloween tunes, and terif-ire lyrics. He’s given us treat after treat, and the only trick he’s played was the occasional word play mind fuck because his lyrics are so good. 

Each and every song within the Spooky Boy Saga carry a lot of meaning and I hold them dearly to my heart. There’s nothing like hearing Danny say, “Make that ass shake like that ass is scared of me,” to really get you in the Halloween spirit. *sheds a tear*

There are 4 songs in the saga in total.

  1. Spooky Boy
  2. Spooky Guy
  3. Spooky Ho
  4. Spooky Man

And each one is a Halloween bop. My personal favorite is Spooky Boy, which you probably saw on my last post when I shared my Halloween Playlist. 

All in all, I thank Danny for his service, and I only hope to reach his level of spookiness one day.

What’s your favorite Halloween song? Share with me below.


The Underrated Artist Series: Nao

Why do I think Nao is underrated? Just watch this video.

Do I  really have to say anything else?

I don’t. But, just in case you skipped over watching the video just now, I want to recommend a few songs of hers that are my favorites besides Orbit and Saturn (the two in the video above which you should really watch). The first time I’d heard of Nao was in 2015 on a song called Firefly by Mura Masa. If you like upbeat, electronic-y dance songs about falling in love (who doesn’t?) then you’ll love Firefly. 

Nao is a SINGER. She doesn’t sing. She SINGS. She easily hits notes that most people could only dream of hitting. I saw her at AfroPunk last year and it’s really hard to put into words how amazingly ethereal Nao’s voice is. Adding to the ethereal-ness, she began her first song of the night by appearing in the middle of the crowd and ascending up above us like an angel while we all screamed “I guess I’ll wait another lifetime!” with her. Which are the lyrics to the first song I’m going to talk about:

  1. Another Lifetime

Nao really shows off her vocal range in this song.

  1. Make It Out Alive ft. SiR

SiR was the perfect feature for this song. Their voices go so well together like cream and sugar. Chef’s kiss.

  1. Feels Like (Perfume)

I love the instrumentation on this song.

  1. Love Supreme

This song is  a feel good song. Nao’s sound always has funk influences and this is a song you can just bop to.

Honorable Mentions

-If You Ever

-Another Lifetime



-Inhale Exhale

What are your favorite Nao songs?


A Spooky Playlist

This is a Halloween playlist you’ll actually want to listen to. I wanted to create a playlist that included classics, but also played around with newer and lesser known artists. You’re bound to find an artist or spooky song you’ve never heard of before with this playlist.

I recommend listening to the songs in order. I made the playlist available on Spotify and Apple Music. Let me know what you think! Happy Halloween!

Click here for the playlist on Apple Music:

Click here for the playlist on Spotify:


The 7 Best Childhood Show Theme Songs

The popular show Girlfriends has finally been put on Netflix. Since its release, there have been plenty of memes on twitter of people singing the show’s theme song. Because of this, I’ve been thinking about the power of theme songs. A theme song is an introduction to a show, and can be a viewer’s favorite and most memorable part of watching the show. 

This got me thinking, what are the best theme songs from our childhood? I’ve decided to create a list. I’ve focused on shows that were created in the early 2000s, shows kids born in the late 90s-early 2000s grew up watching. I’m not including any shows from the 90s because I’m sure they would dominate the list.

  1. The Proud Family

It’s Solange and Destiny’s Child. What more do I have to say. 

  1. That’s So Raven

Orlando Brown did not have to go that hard on the rap.

  1. Zoey 101

The iconic, “Are you ready?”

  1. iCarly

A motivational anthem.

  1. Phineas and Ferb

Alongside hits such as Gitchee Gitchee Goo and Squirrels in My Pants.

  1. Drake and Josh

Apparently he says “It’s gonna take some time to realign” not “It’s gonna take some time to realize.” Do with that information what you will.

  1. Hannah Montana

You know the words.

Do you agree with my list? What shows did I miss?


The Underrated Artist Series: Victoria Monét

Victoria Monét is one of the most talented artists in the music industry. Not only does she have her own repertoire of music, with 4 E.P.s and an album out, she also has numerous writing credits for some of the biggest names in music. She’s worked with Nas, Fifth Harmony, Blackpink, and Selena Gomez just to name a few. She’s known for writing various songs with Ariana Grande like 7 Rings and Thank You Next. I’ve been a big fan of Victoria Monét for a while now, and wanted to share some of my favorite songs of hers with ya’ll.

First off, if you go to Victoria Monét’s twitter, her bio says, “Take a rainforest, throw glitter all over it and add ambient twerking! Das me,” and I couldn’t agree more. Her music is calming, yet so full of energy. Dark and moody, but full of bright accents of word play. Her music is full of antithesis. She puts opposite melodies together and makes them sound like they were meant to be. Prepare yourselves before listening, because I truly wasn’t ready for the magic that was about to play through my headphones.

Which brings me to the first song: 

  1. Ready

This beat gives me 90s vibes and makes me think of Destiny’s Child or Aaliyah. The lyrics are really top notch in this one. Instead of talking about what we, the listeners, may want to see in a partner, she says “Be everything you’d want to see in him, it’s only right,” which may make a few folks feel called out. But don’t worry. She’s on our side. Monét is simply stating that love within transfers to love with..out. She turns the usual “looking for love” storyline that you hear in most songs (The girl singing about what she wants or doesn’t want in a guy) on its head and talks about how she needs to focus on herself to be ready for the right one when they come along. 

  1. Moment

This song is a showstopper. The little sting of violins at second 23 gives me Motown vibes. The steady bass. The build up and then drop at the chorus. This song really lives up to its title because it truly is a moment in time. Also the music video? Cinematic masterpiece.

  1. Ass Like That

This is the most peaceful song about ass that I have ever heard in my life. The beat, how the drums are slightly lagging, it’s impossible not to nod your head to. Then she compares her butt to a plant that you have to water so that it grows. Genius. This is all just in the first 30 seconds. Then the horns come in in the chorus like a beautiful renegade. Please listen to this song.

  1. Go There With You

Monét loves to combine aspects of old school R&B with new school, and this song is a perfect example of that. The beginning gives you dirty guitar and bass, makes you want to make a stank face. Reminds me of Marvin Gaye. But the way that her voice floats over the beat in kind of a modern trap rhythmic sense? It’s a beautiful combination of old and new that works perfectly. 

Honorable Mentions:


New Love



Have you ever listened to Victoria Monét? What are some songs you think I missed? Who else do you think is an underrated artist?


The Opening Note

Have you ever listened to the first note of a song and instantly pressed skip? Maybe you weren’t feeling the name of the song. Or maybe the length of the song ended on an unlucky number. Or maybe the overall vibe of the song was just off and you didn’t need more than 1 second to know that this song was going to throw off your aura. That’s ok. Protect your energy.

Photo by Bryan Catota on

From my research of asking myself, I found out some people skip songs because they simply aren’t in the mood to listen to something new. Why listen to a new song that you may not like when you have so many other songs that you know won’t disappoint?

I wanted to gather more information on this habit. So, I turned to the Internet. According to a article, a research study done by Paul Lamere shows that 25% of people are likely to press skip in less than 5 seconds when listening to a song, and there is only a 48.6% chance they will finish the song.

This makes sense to me. We have so much music at our disposal thanks to streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify. If we don’t like a song, we can just skip it, and there are millions of others to take its place. It’s not like we have to depend on getting CDs for each individual artist. If this were the case, we’d have less songs to choose from, and therefore more time to dedicate to listen to each song. Why not just sit through the whole album then?

Photo by Andre Moura on

I, personally, place memories to go along with the songs I listen to. For example, Bodak Yellow by Cardi B reminds me of partying my freshman year at Howard University. New songs don’t slap me with nostalgia like my old songs do. They just don’t hit as hard. But, I’ve realized that I have to listen to new songs to listen to new songs. In other words, in order to add more bangers to my library, I have to give new songs a chance to be as important and memorable as my old ones.

I’ve skipped so many songs and then came back to them months later and realized that I’d made a mistake. I’d realized that these songs were now my favorite songs and that I was depriving myself from perfection for too long. Don’t do the same thing I’ve done.

I guess what I’m trying to say at the end of the day is this is my first time writing for a blog. So this is kind of like my blog’s one second mark if it was a song. Sooo if you don’t like what you see so far, give me a few more posts before you write off my blog forever ok? Thanks!

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