The Underrated Artist Series: Nao

Why do I think Nao is underrated? Just watch this video.

Do I  really have to say anything else?

I don’t. But, just in case you skipped over watching the video just now, I want to recommend a few songs of hers that are my favorites besides Orbit and Saturn (the two in the video above which you should really watch). The first time I’d heard of Nao was in 2015 on a song called Firefly by Mura Masa. If you like upbeat, electronic-y dance songs about falling in love (who doesn’t?) then you’ll love Firefly. 

Nao is a SINGER. She doesn’t sing. She SINGS. She easily hits notes that most people could only dream of hitting. I saw her at AfroPunk last year and it’s really hard to put into words how amazingly ethereal Nao’s voice is. Adding to the ethereal-ness, she began her first song of the night by appearing in the middle of the crowd and ascending up above us like an angel while we all screamed “I guess I’ll wait another lifetime!” with her. Which are the lyrics to the first song I’m going to talk about:

  1. Another Lifetime

Nao really shows off her vocal range in this song.

  1. Make It Out Alive ft. SiR

SiR was the perfect feature for this song. Their voices go so well together like cream and sugar. Chef’s kiss.

  1. Feels Like (Perfume)

I love the instrumentation on this song.

  1. Love Supreme

This song is  a feel good song. Nao’s sound always has funk influences and this is a song you can just bop to.

Honorable Mentions

-If You Ever

-Another Lifetime



-Inhale Exhale

What are your favorite Nao songs?

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