The Opening Note

Have you ever listened to the first note of a song and instantly pressed skip? Maybe you weren’t feeling the name of the song. Or maybe the length of the song ended on an unlucky number. Or maybe the overall vibe of the song was just off and you didn’t need more than 1 second to know that this song was going to throw off your aura. That’s ok. Protect your energy.

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From my research of asking myself, I found out some people skip songs because they simply aren’t in the mood to listen to something new. Why listen to a new song that you may not like when you have so many other songs that you know won’t disappoint?

I wanted to gather more information on this habit. So, I turned to the Internet. According to a article, a research study done by Paul Lamere shows that 25% of people are likely to press skip in less than 5 seconds when listening to a song, and there is only a 48.6% chance they will finish the song.

This makes sense to me. We have so much music at our disposal thanks to streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify. If we don’t like a song, we can just skip it, and there are millions of others to take its place. It’s not like we have to depend on getting CDs for each individual artist. If this were the case, we’d have less songs to choose from, and therefore more time to dedicate to listen to each song. Why not just sit through the whole album then?

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I, personally, place memories to go along with the songs I listen to. For example, Bodak Yellow by Cardi B reminds me of partying my freshman year at Howard University. New songs don’t slap me with nostalgia like my old songs do. They just don’t hit as hard. But, I’ve realized that I have to listen to new songs to listen to new songs. In other words, in order to add more bangers to my library, I have to give new songs a chance to be as important and memorable as my old ones.

I’ve skipped so many songs and then came back to them months later and realized that I’d made a mistake. I’d realized that these songs were now my favorite songs and that I was depriving myself from perfection for too long. Don’t do the same thing I’ve done.

I guess what I’m trying to say at the end of the day is this is my first time writing for a blog. So this is kind of like my blog’s one second mark if it was a song. Sooo if you don’t like what you see so far, give me a few more posts before you write off my blog forever ok? Thanks!

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