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Halloween Music is Superior And Here’s Why

Thriller by Michael Jackson. End of blog post. Do you agree with me? Which holiday has the best music in your opinion? And why do you agree that it’s Halloween?

Danny Gonzalez’s Spooky Obsession

Danny Gonzalez has done it again. On October 9th, 2020, he dropped the long awaited song, “Spooky Man.” This song is the finale of his Spooky Boy saga but only the beginning of his legacy as The Spooky King. To think that the saga has come to an end is truly a chilling thought. Over […]

The Underrated Artist Series: Nao

Why do I think Nao is underrated? Just watch this video. Do I  really have to say anything else? I don’t. But, just in case you skipped over watching the video just now, I want to recommend a few songs of hers that are my favorites besides Orbit and Saturn (the two in the video […]

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