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SpongeBob’s Impact on the Music Industry

We all know that Spongebob has had some of the greatest music from a tv show. Here are some songs in real life that have Spongebob samples: I’m Ready- AJR Agua- J Balvin Shit Talk- Ski Mask the Slummp God

Trying to Be Creative Without Feeling Bad

It feels pointless, almost, to sit here and write about  Spongebob’s Impact on the Music Industry when there are so many more pressing topics happening in the world. It’s hard to focus while constantly consuming and trying to keep up with the news every day. And it doesn’t help that the news is always something […]

Halloween Music is Superior And Here’s Why

Thriller by Michael Jackson. End of blog post. Do you agree with me? Which holiday has the best music in your opinion? And why do you agree that it’s Halloween?

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